Elder Law

Every extra year is a gift, regardless of age. As you grow older, however, issues can arise with Medicaid, estate planning, trusts, and more. With expertise in elder care, estate planning, and guardianship, our seasoned attorneys will guide you through every challenge and complexity.

Elder Law Attorney Orlando
Two elderly hands holding eachother before seeing their elder law attorney in Orlando.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is the practice of advocating for the needs of the elderly and their families. It ensures that their hard-earned assets, homes, medical expenses, etc. are secured and optimized as they grow older.

How We Help

Although an elder law attorney wears many hats, we personalize solutions to your unique needs. Our dedicated areas of practice include:

  • Estate planning: Ensuring your legacy is left exactly as you intend.

  • Powers of Attorney: Giving you peace of mind in decision-making.

  • Medicare & Medicaid: Simplifying healthcare planning and maximizing its benefits.

  • Guardianship: Protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

  • Asset Protection: Building a legal defense around your wealth.

  • Gift Taxes: Helping you give more to your loved ones, and less to taxes.

  • Assisted Living Guidance: Choosing the perfect haven for your golden years.

  • Nursing Home Concerns: Filing complaints and pursuing claims against the facility.

With age comes wisdom. Protect your memories, assets, and future by taking action today. Schedule a consultation with one of our Elder Law attorneys.

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