Probate Calculator

Probate can take up to 3 years or more all while the assets of the deceased are frozen.

Probate Expenses Explained:

Numbers are subject to change. The probate filing fees, publication fees, and certified mail fees are different per client and county. Those numbers are just averaged based on our data.

The above rates do not include the following:
  • Petition for Extension of Time;
  • Petition to Establish or Verify Paternity;
  • Petition to Approval and/or Apportion the Settlement;
  • Petition to Determine Beneficiaries;
  • Petition to Determine Homestead Status of Real Property;
  • Reviewing prior income tax returns or dealing with tax liens, judgments, or suits;
  • Preparing Federal Income Taxes;
  • Reviewing or preparing contracts for or handling the closing on the sale of real property;
  • Petition for Administration of Lost or Destroyed Will;
  • Petition to Approve Structured Settlements;
  • Valuations of the value of the claim for Estate tax purposes and preparation of any tax returns;
  • Filing of objections to claims;
  • Responding to objections to the final accounting regardless of whether same is filed by a beneficiary, creditor, or other third party;
  • Responding to any form of civil suit or adversarial proceeding filed by or in defense of the personal representative;
  • Liquidating assets for Corporations owned by Decedent;
  • Liquidating assets of a partnership or sole proprietorship; and
  • Preparing valid agreements on behalf of Corporation owned by Client.

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