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Expertise Meets Heart

Experience the personal touch of a niche law firm. We combine legal expertise with a genuine concern for your family, business, and future. Based in Orlando, we stand as advocates for clients across Florida. We offer tailor-made solutions that balance your needs and your budget.

Finity Law Why Us
Why Us

Different Is Better

We do things differently. Instead of cutting corners, we go the extra mile. We provide beginning-to-end support, until your legacy is secured and your family is provided for.

Be educated to make the best decision for your wealth
Speak directly with an attorney the first time you call
Discuss your unique needs with an attorney who cares
Get results that align with your needs and goals

Our Mission

To provide the peace of mind that your money is well spent on superior, up to date legal solutions, that protect you, your family, and your business well into the future.

What to Expect

Our Client-First Process

Initial Consultations

The first line of communication is through our contact form, our email, or our phone number; this is how you will schedule a consultation where Clay Patterson or Ryan Saboff will directly educate you on the subject matter of your case.

Once you decide to work with our firm, you will be sent a letter of engagement which will outline the terms and relationship between yourself and our law firm. After this, our firm will get to work for you, transparently collaborating with you through the whole process in order to accomplish your goals, needs, future plans, desires, and more.

If documents need to be executed, you can come to our office or we can meet you at a location that is convenient for you.

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