Preliminary Information

  • General Information

  • Asset Information

  • Asset Information Continued

  • Other Preliminary Information

  • Personal Representative Designation

    This person or entity will manage your legal affairs upon incapacitation or death.
  • Children's Guardian Designation (For children under age 18) - (Two persons may serve as long as they are married)

  • Durable Power of Attorney Designation?

    A durable power of attorney gives the person(s) named the power to sign your name if you are not able to do so. For instance, it can be used to sign a deed or tax return, or to make gifts of your property.
  • Health care Surrogate(s) Designation?

    A health care surrogate is allowed to make health care decisions on behalf of the person incapacitated.
  • Who do you want to name as trustee of your estate for your minor children (If applicable)?

    This person or entity holds legal title to the property for a beneficiary (the beneficiaries).

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