A Legacy Entwined with Controversy and Mystery

Few people in American history are as mysterious and fascinating as Howard Hughes. Hughes, a business entrepreneur, aviator, and filmmaker, was recognized for his secretive personality and unusual lifestyle. His death in 1976 caused an uprising of debate and speculation, particularly about the allocation of his large inheritance. One of the most famous incidents in this story was the finding of a claimed will in a Salt Lake City chapel, which left millions to the finder. This episode serves as a warning, emphasizing the significance of accurate estate planning and asset protection.

Howard Hughes Estate Planning Famous Wealthy Example

The Single Billionaire

Howard Hughes was renowned for his secrecy, particularly in the later portion of his life. His absence from public life generated suspicion and intrigue about his affairs, especially his estate planning. Hughes gained an immense fortune through his business operations in the aviation and cinema industries, among others. However, due to his secretive character, very few people were aware of his plans for the distribution of his assets after his death.

The Onslaught of Alleged Wills

Following Hughes’ death, several claimed wills emerged, throwing the division of his wealth into disarray. The absence of a validated will leave a void, which was immediately filled by several false accusations and fake documents. This incident highlighted the necessity of having a well-documented and legally sound will in place to avoid disputes and potential fraud.

The Mormon Will: A Fortune and Fraud Story

One of the most famous supposed wills has been discovered in a church in Salt Lake City. This document, called the “Mormon Will,” gave a significant portion of Hughes’ fortune to Melvin Dummar, a petrol station proprietor who claimed to have picked up Hughes while he was traveling in Nevada.

The Mormon Will caused a media frenzy as well as a lengthy judicial struggle. Dummar’s story was regarded with scepticism, and the will’s legitimacy was extensively debated. The paper included various irregularities and mistakes that called its authenticity into question. Despite Dummar’s conviction that his claim was true, the court eventually found that the will was a fabrication, leaving Dummar with nothing.

Delay in Asset Distribution

The distribution of Hughes’ assets took years to resolve due to ongoing legal issues and complexity surrounding his estate. This delayed beneficiaries’ access to their inheritances and may have reduced the value of particular assets over time.

The Value of Asset Protection

The Howard Hughes estate saga is a harsh reminder of how important asset protection and estate planning are. In the absence of a clear and legally solid policy, countless fraudulent claims will be made, ending in a complex and costly legal battle. Asset protection is more than just protecting one’s money; it is also about guaranteeing an effortless transfer of assets to the correct heirs, avoiding conflicts and potential fraud.


Howard Hughes’ controversies will serve as a cautionary tale, demonstrating the possible dangers of ignoring estate planning and asset protection. The tale emphasizes the necessity of having a well-documented and legally sound will in place to avoid disagreements and protect one’s legacy.

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Fun Fact

Hughes was so reclusive that many fake wills surfaced after his death. One of the most famous alleged wills was found in a church in Salt Lake City, which bequeathed millions to its finder.

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