Florida’s Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) Long Term Care (LTC) Waiver Program (or simply “Medicaid Long Term Care”) provides a variety of long-term care services and supports for elderly and disabled Florida residents who require a nursing home level of care. While nursing home care is a benefit available via this program, a variety of home and community-based services (HCBS) are also available to program beneficiaries in their home, the home of a loved one, an adult family care home, or an assisted living residence to prevent and delay the need for institutionalization (nursing home admission).

A young woman talking on the phone next to her grandma as she helps her apply for medicaid in Florida

Applying for Medicaid Long Term Care

If an applicant is not already on Medicaid Long Term Care, he/she will have to apply to receive the government benefits. In order to qualify, the applicant will need to meet a number of both financial and medical requirements to receive coverage. Even if an applicant appears not to be qualified for coverage, it is highly suggested that you speak with a Medicaid Long Term Care professional to see about possible options for receiving coverage.

Approval Process & Timing

Currently, the Medicaid Long Term Care application takes 42 days on average from the beginning of the application process through the receipt of the determination letter indicating approval or denial. Generally, it takes several weeks to complete the application and gather all of the supporting documentation that is required. If the application is not properly completed, or required documentation is missing, the application process will be delayed even further. Furthermore, as wait-lists may exist, approved applicants may spend many months waiting to receive benefits.

Planning for Medicaid Long Term Care

To many Americans, Medicaid Long Term Care is a significant source of coverage to receive the care that they need. This provides comprehensive health care and long-term benefits to those who apply. In some ways, Medicaid Long Term Care provides more benefits than programs such as Medicare or general Medicaid. Medicaid Long Term Care may help you get the long-term healthcare support that you may ultimately need, but to qualify, you must prepare for it. Through preparing for it, you can safeguard the resources for which you have worked so hard, while also getting the care and benefits that Medicaid can provide.

The Finity Law firm has experience helping individuals to apply for Medicaid Long Term Care while protecting their assets. If you have questions about how Medicaid Long Term Care could play a role in your estate plan, speak to an expert attorney at our law firm today.

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