Estate Planning 

You have an estate, whether you know it or not. Your car, bank account, property, life insurance, and everything in between – it all counts as an estate. Be the one to decide how your estate is divided when you pass. Otherwise the state of Florida will decide and 3% of your estate will go to probate attorneys. Plan for the unexpected today with Finity Law Firm.

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the roadmap for managing your assets after you’ve passed. It uses tools like wills, trusts, insurance policies, etc. to save on costs and taxes. Beyond assets, it includes important health and non-health decisions, guided by living wills, powers of attorney, and more. To ensure a valid will and trust, you need experienced attorneys to guide you through the process and properly execute the required documents.

What does Estate Planning Include?

  • Wills
  • Probate

  • Power Of Attorney

  • Trusts

  • Advanced Healthcare Directive

Importance of Estate Planning

No Planning? The State Decides

Many of us believe we have plenty of time to plan, but life is unpredictable. Setting an action plan for unforeseen circumstances can save your family heartache and uncertainty. It’s never too early to plan for the inevitable.

In Florida, passing without a valid will (also called intestate) carries clear-cut consequences. The surviving spouse inherits the whole estate, unless children from a previous marriage exist. In that case, those children share half, and the spouse gets the remainder. Without a spouse, descendants inherit all. No spouse or descendants? It goes to the parents. Lacking those relations, it defaults to other kin. If no heirs exist, it transfers to the State of Florida.

Set Your Wishes in Stone

Discussing post-life wishes with loved ones isn’t enough. Without valid physical documentation, your disbursements may not be completed as intended. Without proper organization, it may be difficult for loved ones to locate financial records, insurance policies, and titles. But with our expert team, you get the documentation and structure needed to set your wishes in stone.

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How to Get Started

Estate Planning isn’t a DIY Project

When it comes to your wealth and your loved ones, mistakes are unacceptable. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen when people do it themselves. Estate planning isn’t a one-time deal. It requires regular updates as life changes. With one of our Orlando-based attorneys, your estate plan will be monitored overtime, adjusted as needed, and disbursed properly.

Kickstart Your Estate Planning

Begin by listing your assets and assign your preferred recipients. If you have minor children, consider primary and secondary guardians, as well as backups for roles like trustees, personal representatives, healthcare surrogates, and powers of attorney.

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How We Help

Estate planning doesn’t need to break the bank. Start with essentials, like a will, and evolve your plan as your finances improve and your needs shift. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you did.

Estate planning offers certainty in uncertain times. It maximizes your loved one’s inheritance, minimizes your taxes, and streamlines the process. More importantly, it’s a way to care for your family after you’re gone. Act now, reap the benefits, and give those you care about the peace of mind they deserve. Schedule a consultation today.

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