For the next year, we have promised to donate 10 percent of all profits from estate plans drafted to help serve Orlando’s urban youth via ELEVATE Orlando.

We are a results-oriented law firm committed to serving our community by not only providing legal services but by giving back to an interest group in Orlando that is often neglected.

We are looking for clients who not only want superior, transparent legal solutions but also want their attorney’s fees to positively serve the future of Orlando.

Donation to Elevate Orlando's Urban Youth

ELEVATE Orlando is a civic non-profit dedicated to equipping and empowering underserved youth to graduate with a plan for the future.

The organization links the Orlando business community to underserved areas through education.

ELEVATE Orlando provides Orlando youth with positive adult influences who guide them toward personal growth and achievement throughout their high school careers. It focuses efforts on young adults at one of the most pivotal points of their lives: high school.

Intervening at this age enables its teachers and mentors to create positive impacts that can last a lifetime.

“We have chosen to support the urban youth because they are often neglected and underserved. They are the future of Orlando and this country; they need us now just as much as we need them later,” concluded Patterson. “ELEVATE Orlando considers success to include students graduating from high school with a plan for the future, pursuing post-secondary education, leading by serving others and giving back to the community and much more.”

To donate directly to ELEVATE Orlando, please visit

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